4 Success Factors for a polyamorous relationship in India

Polyamorous relationship, as the name suggests, is a romantic relationship involving more than two persons. Just as anything “poly” tends to be more complicated than it’s “mono” counterpart, having a relationship with more than one person would come with a lot of stress. Think about it, having a boyfriend/girlfriend is hard work already, then imagine if there were two or three of them. How do you cope with that?

Irrespective of how a lot of people feel about polyamory, a lot of people are curious and wish to explore it. However, before embarking on a polyamory relationship, there are core factors necessary to maintain respect and mutual understanding between you and the partners involved.

1. Understand what polyamory is all about in India

Most books on polyamorous relationships will tell you it’s best to balance affection between your partner, make equal time and other stuff, mostly stressing on equality. However, none addresses the main issue, which is: being poly is not something you are forced into.

Most people disguise their perverted intentions behind the mask of polyamory to coerce, guilt-trip and threaten others, into non-conscientious relationships. There’s a very thin line between polyamory and abuse which is why you’ve got to make this clear with your partner from the onset.

In light of this, once your partner uses any form of threat to get you into doing this, you’re not comfortable with, then it’s time to go. Remember you own your life and body at all times.

2. Define your boundaries

Most polyamorous result in conflict when cheating comes in play and boundaries are not respected. Irrespective of what mainstream media and the tabloid can say. Free sex, also in polyamory, cheating is defined as dishonesty or going to a new lover who one partner doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Before going into a polyamorous relationship, it’s essential to have a good discussion with your partner, defining the boundaries and setting guidelines to Forster an honest relationship. A few steps to take to ensure boundaries are defined, respected, and a mutual relationship is achieved include:

•    Have interaction with your partner’s other partners and let them know your limits. So you can enjoy free sex.

•    Always use protection when with any partner to prevent STDs.

•    Have a safeword to help keep your partners in check against exceeding your boundaries.

3.  Ask questions and speak freely about your needs

The ability to communicate your feelings to your partners is the bedrock to having a lasting polyamorous relationship. Most times, polyamorous relationships hit the rocks because one partner harbours hurt, desires and resentments, which they haven’t come out freely to express.

Talk things out. Endeavour to relate to your partner’s partners. The more you discuss your needs, the fewer problems there will be.

4. Be discrete

Not everyone deserves to know you are poly. This is one of the smartest poly dating tips to keep you happy in your relationships. People are very judgemental, uncaring and meddlesome; hence keeping some details to yourself is the best resort.

In all honesty, most polyamorous relationships have packed because of what people said and thought of the couples. If you cannot handle the negative comments, then don’t give people a reason to.

Lastly, polyamorous relationships need more than these four points to succeed. A more significant commitment between the involved parties, coupled with mutual understanding is part of what is required. Where to find the right partner in India? You can fin loads of reviews here.