Healthy Sex Life as Single Mom

Every woman needs sex, and single moms aren’t exempted. Being horny isn’t out of single mom’s dictionary.

They still crave for sex like any other lady out there. Unfortunately, the stereotype of being a single mom makes them unwilling to do it. They often think of what people will say about them. But who cares? After all, “what happened in the bedroom stays in the bedroom”.

It doesn’t matter if your schedule is busy; with proper planning, you can have a healthy sex life as a single mom. Don’t forget that times are changing; getting a man’s attention isn’t difficult anymore.

You can start by having a profile on popular online dating websites. Examples of such sites are Tinder, eHarmony, Badoo, ChristianMingle, etc

People on these platforms are willing to mingle with you, even if they know you are a single mother. But on your part, try to be honest. Make it known that you are a single mom; this will help you attract the right date.

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How To Have Sex As A Single Mom

Having sex as a single mom isn’t the same as when you were married or younger. Because when you bring a strange man to your house, it will pose a lot of questions in the minds of your kids.

But when you handle the whole process the right way, your kids will adjust naturally. Below are tips that will guide you when you decide to start having sex as a single mom.

Take Things Slowly

If you decide to date again as a single mom, you must take things slowly; otherwise, you will regret your decision. Don’t make it all about the sex; try to enjoy the social aspect of it.

Try to know your potential sex partner before giving in for it. This will enable you to understand his seriousness, especially if you are desirous of a long term relationship.

During your familiarization period with him, your kids will get to know him. Even though the idea of having a partner may be strange to them, they will eventually get used to it.

Be Honest

Let whoever you are meeting, know your actual family situation. But if a man changes his mind about dating you, because you have a family, he is undoubtedly not the right person to be with.

Be Clear About Your Relationship Priorities

Always bear in mind that your relationship has three characters; yourself, your man, and your kids. But your kids must top the priority list.

Never make your date comes first. It doesn’t matter if the relationship has long term potential; your kids must come first.

But if your date wants you to put him first, it could be a sign that he wants to take advantage of you. He could be looking for a quick one night stand. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the type of relationship you want.

Keep Your Kids Out Of the Loop If You Can

Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t mean you should be secretive about your date. But ensure that your new relationship isn’t affecting any aspect of your children’s life. This is important if they experienced what you underwent during the time you were with your ex.

Be Strategic About Your Date Timing

The timing of your date is also essential. If you want to have sex, you should decide the time and place. I wouldn’t advise you to bring someone you just met home. It isn’t a good idea.

But if you don’t have any other option, you can bring him home. It should be when your kids aren’t around.

Final Words

Never feel guilty about your desire to have sex. You have the right to have a healthy sex life. But never compromise your kids’ happiness for it. In other words, try to strike a balance.

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