Casual Sex while pregnant?

Most pregnant women always ask the question “is casual sex safe for pregnant women”? It’s a common question that is begging for answer.

Don’t forget that pregnancy is a very sensitive period in the life of any woman undergoing the stage. And having sex during pregnancy doesn’t affect the development of the fetus, it’s very safe.

There are different situations that may necessitate having casual sex while you are pregnant. It could be that your husband divorced during the first week of your pregnancy, got pregnant out of wedlock or the person who impregnated you is dead.

In situation like this, casual sex is necessary to balance the pregnancy hormones in your body. Trust me, pregnant women are always horny. If you have undergone that process before, you will understand what I mean. Having casual sex can help to satisfy your unquenchable sexual urges during pregnancy.

I have mind blowing stories of women who gave account of their casual sexcapades during pregnancy. Some even confessed to the thrill and excitements casual sex brings to pregnancy journey. You see, the adventure is never ending (

I know by now you are fantasizing on the idea of casual sex during pregnancy. It’s actually great, but don’t forget that you most play it safe and healthy. So, before you satisfy your urge for casual sex, keep the following things in mind.

1. Look out for understanding partners

Hey you’re already pregnant with the bump, the last thing you need is someone fussing because you aren’t slender like a runway model. Your body is changing and so are your moods, trust me you don’t need to feel sad for any reason.

2. Keep it very exciting

This applies not only to your partner(s) but also to your own personal experience. Don’t restrict yourself when engaging in casual sex that why it’s called casual, you get to explore. If you want to have a fling and there isn’t any partner, why not try the numerous dating apps and sex dating apps available.

On the other hand, during the affair, always keep things exciting, try out several positions that you feel comfortable for you. Do not be afraid to express yourself and let your partner know how you feel.

3. Play it safe

Do not forget that pregnant women can also contact STDs, which is why you have to always have safe and protected sex. Having casual sex is no ticket to recklessness, always put your health and safety ahead whatever desires take hold of you.

4. It’s okay if develop feelings

Sometimes something casual could turn into something great and amazing, we’ve all seen the movie’ friends with benefits’. There is no need feeling awkward about it, feel free to express your feelings and know how your partner reacts to it.

5. Keep to yourself

Obviously some people will judge your decision of having casual sex, this is why you need to keep your affair totally to yourself. You have the right to do whatever you like with your body.

To cap it up, pregnancy is beautiful so is sex, being pregnant is not a restriction to living your life. If you have been having sexual urges feel free to follow my above stated guides to have the best pregnancy experience ever.